If you are looking for a perfect gift for your Mom on mother’s day, check out the collections of orchid plants available in the market. If your mom is a plant lover, she is going to be very happy about your choice. If she is not, still she is going to enjoy nurturing the beautiful orchid plant. Orchids are available in a wide variety and each variety has different characteristics. If your mom is a busy professional, go for dendrobium orchid as it requires less caring and can survive tough conditions. If you want to gift her an elegant looking orchid plant, Phalaenopsis would be the perfect pick. This orchid plant with long & strong stem blossoms twice in a year and the flower lasts for months. Cymbidium, also known as boat orchids can be a good choice if you prefer to give her a fancy gift. This orchid plant grows around 30 flowers in a single stem. The list of orchid flowers can go on and on, as there are more than 800 categories of orchids available in the market. Here are a few points that make orchids a perfect mother’s day gift. 

They are beautiful

Be it in a bouquet or on a plant, it’s great to look at an orchid flower. There would hardly be anyone who does not like an orchid. These flowers symbolize luxury, refinement, grandeur, and charm. That’s the reason why orchid bouquets are gifted to chief guests in events and corporate meetings. So, an orchid plant would certainly be an awe-inspiring gift for the most valuable person in your life.

Blend well with the interior and other indoor plants  

Since the orchid plant is available in a wide variety, you can choose that goes well with the interior of your house. You can get an orchid plant that can be hanged in your balcony or the one that can add glam to your walkway. The elegant look of the plantlets it blends well with other indoor plants in your house. In fact, orchid plants grab all the attention when they are placed with other indoor plants.

They last for a long time

Unlike the other flowering indoor plants, orchid plants live for a longer period, if you take good care of the plant. It’s said that orchid plants can live up to 20 years though they turn weak after 8 to 10 years. Orchid plants are prone to fungi and bacterial infection which affects their lifetime. However, there are several sprays available to keep it safe from such infections. So, an orchid plant gifted this year and live with your mom for a decade 

It’s not hard to take care

Though certain types of orchid plants require great caring, there is a wide variety of orchids that survive in tough conditions. You do not have to water this plant every day nor do they require direct sunlight. They are even happy to live in fluorescent light. You need to water the plant only when the soil gets dried. Special medium and fertilizers are available to grow the plant.

Easily Available

Unless you are planning to buy a rare type of orchid, you will not have to put in too much effort to find an orchid plant for your mom. Almost all the flower shops will have orchid plants on sale. Moreover, you can also find websites that sell orchid plants online.

 So, on this mother’s day, gift your mom a beautiful orchid plant and express your love towards her in an unique way. 


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