Orchids are one of the most popular indoor flowering plants and they are beautiful and long-lasting. Orchids are the luxurious gift for any special occasion, and it brighten the occasion with their vibrant colours. They can be found in different shades such as pink, white, purple and yellow, and it symbolizes luxury, beauty and love. Orchid plants are one of the most desired plants and have the lasting qualities, which make it perfect for greeting and gifts than any other flowers. If you are planning to grow an indoor orchid plant then you have to understand orchid plants natural conditions.

Here are some simple ways to take care of your Orchid Indoor Plant.


Understanding how much light a phalaenopsis needs depends on its type is important to its care, since orchids require very different levels of light. Keep an orchid indoor plant away from open windows and air vents, as they are born in the tropics and thrive in the warmth and humidity. If you are thinking of putting your orchid plant near a window with a complete curtain, that will give your orchid its much-needed indirect sunlight. You can also expect a flowering phalaenopsis to bloom for at least two months.


The humidity around indoor orchid plants must be adequate, since orchid plants are used to more humidity than the average house plant. Orchids typically prefer high humidity, so when the growing environment is not humid enough, some severe damage may occur to the orchid plants. The most important method for keeping an indoor orchid plant healthy in areas that have low humidity is to provide artificial humidity. Increasing humidity around orchid plants will result in higher blossoming.

Air Movement

Air movement is an important part of caring for indoor orchid plants, it helps to remove stale air from your plants; replace it with fresh air, and keep their leaves cool. In the absence of adequate air movement, orchid plants leaves can quickly become overheated and damaged. Your indoor orchid plants will bloom and look healthy as long as they are kept at a balance between humidity and air movement, and receive adequate amounts of water at the roots.


Orchid roots grow a little different than the roots of other indoor plants because orchid plants normally grow on the other plants or other things such as stones rather than growing on the ground in the soil. So, overwatering your phalaenopsis orchids can lead to problems such as root rot. So, they need only a limited amount of water to survive and grow. We suggest watering your indoor orchid early in the day and the amount of water depends on the environmental conditions where you live. Try to avoid tap water and if possible, use distilled water or you can also try the ice cubes because tap water contains chemicals or impurities and it will affect the orchid leaves. Once in a week, place up to two or three ice cubes on top of the potting medium, it gives sufficient moisture to keep your indoor orchid thriving.

Now most of the peoples will think how long do phalaenopsis orchids live? Most people avoid caring once orchids have finished flowering but never do that, just wait for some months and you can see the orchid plant starts to rebloom. Get to know your orchid plants and care for them because they are a delightful alternative to a bunch of blossoms to enhance your home.

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