The New Year is upon us, and a new chapter in our lives awaits. The journey of last year will come to an end, and we will be walking into a new journey of 2022, filled with new resolutions, new promises, hope and love. To welcome the new year by sending each other warm wishes and sharing gifts is indeed a wonderful thing. It has become easier to come up with new and innovative gifts for your loved ones as well as some useful and thoughtful ones. Indoor plants and flowers are the most universal gifts that are treasured and admired by everyone.

You can improve your luck by surrounding yourself with plants and flowers that are known for their good fortune properties. Here are top 5 auspicious New Year Plants for a prosperous 2022.

Money Plant: The money plant is a well-known indoor plant that brings wealth and prosperity to the house. It requires very little maintenance and acts as an air purifier. Money plants remove toxins from the air naturally. Planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your family and friends? Then, send them the best New Year gift from our online portal, Black Tulip Flowers.

Peace Lily: Peace Lily is really a great indoor plant; it improves your emotional health with its calming white blooms and elegant aroma. The peace lily is a natural air purifier, thus improving indoor air quality. Choose from a wide range of plants arrangements collection from our online portal Black Tulip Flowers and décor your home with the auspicious indoor plants in New Year.

Orchid: The orchid symbolizes good fortune and happiness and is associated with many good things. As well as attracting positivity, orchids facilitate the removal of common air pollutants and are efficient at improving humidity in the home. You can send New Year plants online delivery from Black Tulip Flowers, to those who live far away and give them a gift of good luck and prosperity on this New Year.

Jade Plant: The Jade plant is considered to bring good fortune and positive energy and it symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The best gift you could give for your dear ones this New Year is a jade plant. Send New Year Plants online to your dear ones from the most trusted shop in Dubai, Black Tulip Flowers.

Anthurium: Anthuriums are a popular decoration in homes during the New Year since its colour symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. People believe that keeping an anthurium at home helps them to achieve success both personally and professionally. Want to send the best New Year plants and gifts to your loved ones? Check out the amazing New Year gift collections on the Black Tulip Flowers website.

Black Tulip Flowers have all types of indoor plants in Dubai to offer you for yourself or to your dear ones.

  • Phalaenopsis White Plant
  • Phalaenopsis Purple Plant
  • 3 White Phalaenopsis White Plant
  • Double Stem Phalaenopsis Plant

Indoor plants are much-needed gifts for all the hardworking people out there because it helps to reduce anxiety and stress by keeping them in the house. This new year, give the auspicious indoor plants and flowers to your dear ones it will be more thoughtful and a valuable gift. Indoor plants are refreshing and a joyous gift for your dear ones on new year and make them feel that you love and care by gifting such valuable gifts.

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